Hey y’all! Welcome back or shall I say I am back! I do not know where I was going with that but hello world! Welcome to Ashley’s Aspiration. A blog where readers will get an insight on my personal choices of the latest fashion and beauty must haves, make-up looks, my lifestyle adventures and learn how to ” DO IT YOURSELF” when you just do not want to drop off a ton of coins on those Tumblr inspired outfits, accessories and whatever else catches your eyes because let’s be honest, Pintrest is an eye candy! Now my blog name. I know some of you are probably wondering what the meaning behind my website is and I’d usually say something like Google is one click away but you are already doing me a huge favor by visiting my site so why not fill you in. Ashley is just my name of course but that big ole word Aspiration means something a little deep laugh out loud just kidding. Aspiration means a hope or ambition of achieving something. I chose this word because I pray, hope and dream that I will aspire in everything I  put my mind to and not only that, I hope to inspire you to dream big and desire to do and accomplish things you can not even imagine! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. This is just a little taste of what is to come on Ashley’s Aspiration! See you real soon!



Check out my menu bar in the top right hand corner to see my social media links and my about section and since we are talking about my social sites, huge s/o to krisTOPHER! Go follow him on Twitter @Thundermike13 & Instagram @klowery18!



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