PRODUCTS USED TO ACHIEVE THIS BROW: 1. Maybelline Master Conceal 2. NYX Control Freak brow gel 3. NYX Micro brow pencil 4. Anastasia flat Conceal brush

Today’s blog has been my most highly requested blog to do and yes if you can not already tell it is my brow tutorial! I know I am so late on this, being that I am asked all the time how I accomplish my brow look! I could go on and on about brows. Like I once read, “Never let a b**** with bad eyebrows tell you anything about life.” It’s so true. Like if you do not have your eyebrow game on full fleek how are you going to tell me about life – haha. So I am such a critique when it comes to brows. The past months I have tried out several different products and techniques to accomplish and achieve a bomb brow! The brow look I did today is using lower end brow products that I love! If you would like to see me use my higher end preferences such as Anastasia’s Brow Wiz or Pomade feel free to give me feedback or leave comments below! Any who, since I have been asked on a daily how I achieve these bomb brows I figured why not finally give it to you all! I made a cheat sheet (above) for you guys for future references, below will be the full demonstration on the accomplishment of this brow look!


Comb and shape your brows. It will help you when you began to line your brows and also allow you to follow an accurate shape and lining of your brow structure.


Use brow pencil to draw a defined line underneath your brow 


Apply the same step as you did underneath the brow to the top of the brow only on 3/4 of the brow. Making your focal point on defining the tail end of the brow. 


Fill in the outer 3/4 of the brow using your brow pencil or brow fill in of your choice. 


Use the spoolie end of the pencil to pull the color up and through the brows. This will blend any harsh lines, but if you want a really defined lower line you can always go back and define it more. 


Conceal the brows using my Anastasia flat conceal brush or (a flat brush of your choice) and a conceal of your preference. 


Then control the fleeking by applying a brow gel of your choice. It sets your eyebrows in place, totally optional.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

There you have it. This brings you to the end of my brow tutorial! I hope you guys enjoyed it! I also love to read great feedback and suggestions on blog post ideas so if you have any bright ideas you are more than welcome to click the feedback button located above to contact me and say hi!


Ashley Maria

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