Hello lovelies! First and foremost I want to say hi! Like it has been forever since I blogged, and I must say I am pretty ashamed. Blogging, talking about fashion and all things social entertainment has got to be my passion. So this is definitely not okay for me.

I started my first semester of my freshman year in college the day after I posted my last blog, and lets just say college is not as easy or hard as people say. It is true what they say though, college is very time consuming. Along with college I took up a part time job at ULTA Beauty. Shortly after I took on another part time job at Fossil at the Tangers Outlets. I guess one could say I was a full time student and full time worker.

Things did not really go as planned at ULTA so I decided to go in a new direction and just work at Fossil. Which worked out great, because I went on winter break when things started picking up at Fossil. Now class is about to resume and work is slowing down which is perfect. I get to spend more time focusing  on school and maybe get a couple of blogs out more. Long story short, is after high school it turns into a not so smooth, fast transition into the real world. I must say I am not doing so bad, but It is definitely a process.

Now moving on to what is to come in the new year! It is twenty-sixteen and I am ecstatic! I can not believe how crazy fast time flew by, but twenty-sixteen is here and it is time to show it what we are made of. I plan to be more adventurous this year, pursue any future endeavors that I put my mind to and never say never or I cant. This year I want things to be different. I want to accomplish things I always said I would, but I have yet to do so. This year is different and this year I am ready for it.

You guys can expect some of the best blog post this year, along with some of the best content. Also expect a more consistent me. It is time for me to show you guys and the world what I am here to do. 

Thanks  for reading to catch up on my missing in action. I love you guys and I can not wait to take on this journey with you.



Ashley Maria

Thanks for taking the time out of your adventurous lives to read my blog! If you are not connecting with me on social media check out my menu bar in the top right hand corner to see my social media links and if you haven’t already you can check out my about section as well to get a little insight on me!


2 Chronicles 15:7



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