Hello lovelies! First and foremost I want to say hi! Like it has been forever since I blogged, and I must say I am pretty ashamed. Blogging, talking about fashion and all things social entertainment has got to be my passion. So this is definitely not okay for me. I started my first semester of my… Read More

Hey lovelies! Welcome back to another edition of Ashley’s Aspirations! If this is your very first visit on my blog I hope you enjoy and stick around! Nothing makes a statement like a bold lip! Yes today’s blog Is all about my favorite lip stick and lip liner combinations. From drug store to high-end, if… Read More

PRODUCTS USED TO ACHIEVE THIS BROW: 1. Maybelline Master Conceal 2. NYX Control Freak brow gel 3. NYX Micro brow pencil 4. Anastasia flat Conceal brush Today’s blog has been my most highly requested blog to do and yes if you can not already tell it is my brow tutorial! I know I am so… Read More

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to another edition of Ashley’s Aspiration! Today’s blog is going to give you all a lovely insight on what I prefer when it comes to beauty, makeup, clothing and so on. I bring you the This or That tag, beauty and makeup edition! Oh yes, you guys get to see what… Read More

  Oh my! Hey lovelies. I have been doing so much since my last blog post. I’m currently visiting family and they keep me going so I apologize for my brief missing in action! So much has happened in the world as well! Gay marriage is legalized in all 50 states throughout the USA. How… Read More